In the days when the virus is rampant, the use of antibacterial hand sanitizers becomes particularly important. There is no need to rinse with water, which saves everyone time and achieves the effect of sterilization. But the wrong method of using hands-free sanitizer solution can not remove harmful bacteria, so how to use it to achieve the effect of hand sterilization and antibacterial?

Proper use of disposable hand sanitizer 6 steps;

1. First, take an appropriate amount of disposable cleansing lotion on the palm of your hand, and rub it with the tip of the other hand’s palm in the palm of your hand to make it wet.

2. Then apply the protective ring on the forearm of the other hand, approximately half of the forearm. Repeat with steps 1 and 2 with another hand and take an appropriate amount of disposable hand sanitizer.

3. After completing the above steps, take an appropriate amount of hands-free sanitizing solution on the palms and rub your palms with each other.
4. After rubbing, rub the palm of one hand against the back of the other hand along the finger seams, and then exchange hands.

5. The palms of the hands are opposite to each other, and the fingers are rubbed against each other.

6. In the final step, bend your fingers to make the joints rotate and rub on the palm of the other hand, and exchange your hands until the hands-free disinfectant is absorbed.

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